- Aquarama 2007 at Singapore
   New Strains (新品种) !!!
     - Sakura Ring Leopard(樱花圈豹) NEW!
     - Sakura Super Eruption(樱花超级蜘蛛侠)
     - HB Cobalt (高身翠绿) NEW!
     - HB Pigeon Checkerboard(高身棋盘鸽子)
     - HB Super Eruption (高身蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇)
     - HB BrilliantTurq (高身松石) NEW!
     - HB TigerStripeTurq(高身虎纹松石)NEW!
     - Albino Platinum (赤瞳蓝钻) NEW!
     - GFlora BrilliantTurq(巨型经典电光松石)
     - Pigeon (鸽子) NEW!
   Types of Discus (七彩种类)
     - Rocketeer HighBody(大鹏展翅系列)
     - Albino (白化/赤瞳)
     - HighBody (高身)
     - Heckel (黑格尔)
     - ICA RED
     - Breeding Pair (配对)
     - Solid Colour (全色)
     - Special (特殊品种) NEW!
     - Spotted (豹点)
     - Stripe / Pattern (花纹)
   Discus Farm Facility (渔场设施)
     - Breeding Tank (配对缸)
     - Growing Tanks (成长缸)
     - Quanranteen Tanks (检疫缸)
     - The Fastest Water Changing

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Sakura Ring Leopard (樱花圈豹) New!
Sakura Super Eruption (樱花超级蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇)
HighBody Cobalt (高身翠绿) New!
HighBody Pigeon Checkerboard (高身棋盘鸽子) New!
HB Super Eruption (高身蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇) New!
HighBody Brilliant Turquoise (高身松石) New!
HB Tiger Stripe Turquoise (高身虎纹松石) New!
Albino Platinum (赤瞳蓝钻) New!
Giant Flora Brilliant Turquoise (巨型经典电光松石) New!
Pigeon Checkerboard (棋盤鸽子)
Rafflesia (莱佛士)
Ruby Pigeon Checkerboard (棋盤鸽子)
Ruby Pigeon Snakeskin (棋盤蛇纹)
White Based Pigeon (白底鸽子)

Albino Yellow Crystal (赤瞳黄金)
Blue Scorpion Snakeskin (蓝底蝎子蛇纹)
GF Straight Line Brilliant Turquoise (巨型经典电光松石/直纹松石)
HighBody Leopard (高身豹纹)
High Body Tiger Checkerboard (高身虎纹棋盘)
Half Moon Highbdy Blue Diamond (半月高身蓝钻)
Leopard A Grade (A级豹纹)
Mandarin Passion (东方梦幻红)
Red Cover (红蓋子)
Red White (红白)
Snakeskin (Normal Grade) 蛇皮
Sakura Ring Leopard (樱花圈豹)
Sakura Super Eruption (樱花超级蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇)
Yellow White (黄白)


General Terms & Conditions of Sales

Thank you for visiting our Fish Gallery !

If you want to request for quotation or placing an order, kindly include the details below:
  1. Price : Our price is quoted US Dollars. F. O. B. Malaysia ie. Excluding packing costs, freight costs & cost of export documentation. Price listed is mere representative due to the price of some fishes are seasonally affected. Firm prices upon request and will be subject to period of validity as specified. Lucky tropical reserves the right to amend prices without any prior notice unless the sale has been concluded.
  2. Payment : Advanced payment by Telegraphic Transfer at the point of confirmation of sale. Payment must be fully paid and sufficient to cover freight charges; cost of goods, packaging costs and any charges incurred on export documentation.

    All payments must be made to the following account:

    Bank account holder : Lucky Tropical Fish Farm
    Bank account number : 20705500025260
    Bank's SWIFT Code : RHBBMYKL
  3. Minimum order quantity : A minimum 5 boxes of fish.
  4. Notice on time of delivery : Due to the examination of health and condition of the fishes, as well as preparation of the fishes for export and other various export documentation to be done, a minimum time period of 3 working days after reception of full payment is required. Time of shipment is subject to availability of air cargo space for the desired destination.
  5. Documentation : In order to prevent any shipment delays, the buyer must, at the point of purchasing, kindly specify required types of document. Certificates of origin, Health Certificate etc will be equipped upon request and the documentation charges are included in the invoice.
  6. Packing : Aquarium fishes for air shipment will be packed. All fishes are packed in plastic/poly bag and placed in polyfoam box and added with corrugated carton box. Measurement of box is as follows (measured in centimetre) :

    Length Width Height Weight
    51 cm 39 cm 39 cm Average weight per box 11kgs
    62 cm 51 cm 39 cm Average weight per box 22kgs

    Our packing is limited to the weight at volume metric of carton and will never exceed the weight of the volume metric of the carton or total carton weight to be shipped. Inner and outer carton packing are custom made and complies with specific requirement of the IATA and oriental Air Carrier Regulation.

    Packing of carton is printed with description of Live Fish and information on its handling. The quality of packing and quantities as quoted at our price list is safe for 36 hours from time of packing and subject to change depending on destination and time of transportation.

    Our packing is different compared with others, in which we only pack a maximum of 4 bags to a carton unless the item is individually packed such as discus and arowana.
  7. Details on Consignee : Kindly provide the following information at or before the time on confirmation of order :
    1. Buyers' name and full address
    2. Consignees' telephone and fax number
    3. Name of destination airport
    4. Name of handling agent, if any.
  8. Guarantee & Claim : Our record shows more than 95% surviving rate is achieved under normal flights / shipment upon the destination airport. However should any occurrence of higher DOA (death on arrival), buyer is responsible to report to the carrier immediately during clearance at the airport.

    Hence, Bad shipment / Discrepancy Forms must be completed properly and to be submitted to the relevant authorities. A copy must be forwarded to us for our verification. Pictures of dead fish must be sent to us immediately. Compensation, if any, shall only be limited to replacement of dead fish during the next shipment. Should any loss occurred due to flight delays or mishandling by the airline, claims should be lodged directly to the concerning airline. Buyers are requested to keep us informed.

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